Each client is solely and absolutely the focus of the work, meaning every assignment is customized for them. This co-creation is stakeholder centered, and generally includes the following process:

  1. Assess opportunities: current situation, desired state, 360° feedback
  2. Prioritize objectives: aspirational goal, related behavioral goals
  3. Action plan: apply new learnings for sustainable change
  4. Measurable results: accountability and business outcomes

Selecting the right coach is a very personal decision, and having a trusted “chemistry” between coach and client is essential for success. The work can be performed remotely, but a face-to-face meeting is critical early in the process. Capturing 360° feedback is often the catalyst for identifying blind spots, but is not a mandatory step in the process. The typical engagement is six months long, and I spend as much time with my clients as they desire.

Confidentiality is absolutely assured.

There are many potential benefits from coaching, some of the more immediate ones may include:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills
  • Building stronger and more authentic trust-based relationships
  • Navigating difficult conversations and stressful situations more successfully
  • More confidence in leading high-performance teams/executive presence
  • Improved communication and leadership skills around business impact
  • Aligning values and work/life balance challenges with authenticity

One-on-one coaching is all I do, with a limited number of clients at any one time. No executive leadership training, no team building, no consulting. If you desire a coach you can trust implicitly, with both business acumen and executive coaching skills, please consider me.