“Dave’s coaching left me with skills and techniques I use every day and will last a lifetime. His approach led me through a process of self-discovery that put me in the driver’s seat to define leadership skills unique to my strengths and ambitions for the team. These insights opened up a whole new career path I hadn’t thought possible before.”


Senior Director, Ernst & Young

“I started working with Dave during a time when I was the founder of a start-up company, as well as having many other career options progressing simultaneously. Our work together included evaluating a number of different career paths, as I was not sure how to decide which one to follow. Through our discussions, I was able to reflect more deeply and clearly about my leadership strengths and interests, and focus on both accepting the accomplishments I had achieved to date, as well as my desires for the future. Because I trusted Dave implicitly, he really helped me find the clarity in order to move forward with some very ambitious goals, instead of spreading myself too thin as I had historically done. The ability to speak frankly with a trusted peer, in a nonjudgmental environment, was immensely valuable to my career.”


Chief Corporate Strategy Officer, User Testing

“Dave has an uncanny ability to cut through the white noise and help one reach the root cause. He really helped me logically think through some of my key decisions during my career transition phase. In our busy lives, we do not have the opportunity to reflect often enough, and this process allowed me to do just that. Dave also helped me challenge my own limitations and push myself to operate outside my comfort zone which has helped me grow tremendously in my career.”


Partner, PWC